The Y-Move Facebook Group

We advocate for senior citizens facing the challenges of staying active, healthy and connected to others while remaining in their homes and in Lacey. As they age and need more services, connecting with available resources becomes more important and a greater challenge.  Y-Move outreaches to seniors seeking help about where, how and whom to turn to for the needed information.

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We will utilize a private Y-Move Facebook Group to facilitate communication with Lacey seniors who may be isolated due to mobility, health issues or loss of significant support from a spouse, family member or friend.

We think the power to share these common experiences of aging-in-place in a Facebook Group, and to normalize these life occurrences, has the potential to greatly enhance the quality of life for age-in-place seniors.

Understanding the concerns of seniors signing up for and safely using Facebook can be a challenge.

Y-Move plans to address these concerns by providing in-person workshops, train-the-trainer programs and a comprehensive administrative plan. Our goal is to greatly increase the local number of users and to be able to utilize all of Facebook Group features that apply.