Thank You

Mandorla/ Y- Move is thankful for the support and encouragement we have received from Lacey Township officials, community members, and volunteers.

Our supporters are individuals, professionals or businesses that have contributed financially, through skills and services or tangible items required for our Y-Move project.


Lori Aceto, Arte Classe Design
Guido A. Aceto, Guido Construction
Henry D. Brandenberg, Counsellor at Law
George Broome, Lacey Self-Storage
Kelly Hopper, Certified Public Accountant
James Lefkowitz, Ocean County SCORE & Cutty Powers
Old Guard of Lacey

Lacey Township Police Chief Michael DiBella welcomes Y-Move.

Volunteers Linda Chalifour and Kathy Grike preparing give away bags (and having fun!) for Lacey Day.


Arlene Fortsch
Gloria Mako
Rosemary Goehringer


Linda Chalifour
Clark Chalifour
Arlene Fortsch
Kathy Grike
Joyce Howells
Paul Lenzo
Ron MacKenzie
Robin O’Brien
Gerry Wahlers

Mayor Nicholas Juliano meets with Y-Move to discuss their advocacy of seniors in Lacey.

Board member Kelly Hopper and volunteer Linda Chalifour introducing Y-Move to the community at Lacey Day.